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Wide Area Sensor Network

We offer everything

about LoRaWAN

"Node ➔ Gateway ➔ Server ➔ Application",
that may seem difficult for the beginner.
Our goal is to be able to offer you a carefree package,
so that you can turn your full attention to your application.


LoRaWAN Nodes   LoRaWAN Gateways   Server

LoRaWAN Nodes

We offer nodes for almost every area of application.
No matter whether they are to be equipped with fixed sensors indoors or outdoors with modular selectable sensors,
WASN.eu has the right product for you.


LoRaWAN Gateways

Our gateways are available for indoor and outdoor use.
All gateways are manufactured according to industry standards and can also be supplied with power independently via a solar system.
Internetconnection is made with WiFi, LAN or LTE.


LoRaWAN Cloud

We take over the complete infrastructure and server operation for you.
You receive a highly available solution and can concentrate fully on your application.


From simple sensors and gateways to building complete public or private networks.

WASN.eu is your partner.

We also develop very special sensors for you according to your specifications.

All of our products are developed in Germany and manufactured under the highest quality standards.


Together we will find the right product and, after an exact requirements analysis, choose the right sensors for your application scenario.
We are also happy to develop the application for the visualization and evaluation of the recorded data for you.

Ask for a free and non-binding offer.




WASN cloud

From sensor to application and visualization, WASN.eu offers you everything in our own WASN cloud.

The WASN cloud is operated in our own data center in Germany.

Regardless of whether you only want to synchronize the configurations of your nodes on all of your devices or opt for the all-round carefree package with LoRaServer, database and application, as well as visualization, your data is safe and secure with us.


WASN.eu is located in northern Germany.

In the beautiful district of Ploen there are many areas of application for our sensors.

Whether simple environmental data acquisition, such as temperature and air pressure or water monitoring, here in the far north we can test our products even under the harsh conditions of good old sea air.

Ploener See



LoRaWAN functionality


From the sensor to the node.
Via LoRaWAN to the gateway.
Encrypted to the server via WAN.
And now finally to you.

LoRaWAN Struktur  



WASN.eu is the initiator of TheThingsNetwork Community Kreis-Ploen.

We support the establishment of a LoRaWAN network by building gateways free of charge.
If you live in an area without LoRaWAN coverage, register and we will find a location for a new gateway.

Together we create a nationwide LoRaWAN network with TheThingsNetwork.